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what is branding

What IS Branding And Why You Need To Know

When I first bought my Pilates studio, I remember being so excited to have my logo and website designed. I didn’t ask myself, “what is branding?” I just knew I wanted it to be beautiful.

I hired a graphic designer, paid for an hour-long design consultation, and slogged through 3 rounds of revisions before we finally arrived at the finished, very pricey logo.

what is branding

Looking back, I realize that the process was arduous and expensive. I thought that the measure of a perfectly branded business was me loving it. Since then, I’ve learned that what’s perfect about branding isn’t just the logo or website.

I’m going to share with you 5 key elements you must consider when asking yourself, “what is branding?”

When you need the answer to "What Is Branding?"

It's critical that you know the answer to the question "What Is Branding?" before you do the branding work.

what is branding

That's because branding is so much more than just a logo or a tagline. It’s a strategic approach that helps individuals build a successful boutique fitness brand. In today’s competitive market, effective service business branding plays a crucial role in 

  • Differentiating your business
  • Building trust and credibility
  • Connecting with your potential clients
  • Increasing awareness of the possibility that your service meets their needs 

When you’re looking to build a boutique fitness brand, you will end up having created the 5 essential elements branding experts say you need, your: 

  1. 1
    Brand Identity
  2. 2
    Brand Messaging
  3. 3
    Brand Personality
  4. 4
    Brand Consistency
  5. 5
    Brand Engagement
what is branding

Creating Your 5 Key Elements Is Not As Simple As Answering The Question “What Is Branding?”

There are lots of choices that can be made to produce these 5 elements. Which means that

  1. 1
    An infinite number of outcome variations are possible
  2. 2
    Some variations will be more effective than others

The way to ensure your variations lean toward the more effective side is to be conscious of what informs your choices.

Here is the most important thing to know about branding!

If you only take 1 lesson learned with you from this article - let this be it!

  1. 1
    All human beings have an “ego”. Not just the customer, the marketer has one too!
  2. 2
    The ego's role is to maintain the drive toward “pleasure and satisfaction” and away from “pain and dissatisfaction”.
what is branding

The ego is constantly ask questions like 

  • “What's in this for me?”
  • “Will this help me meet my present needs, desires, wishes, goals, whatever they are? 

With that profound and simple truth in mind, which of these choices regarding the best answer to the question “What is branding?” is likely to be successful?


“YOUR brand should reflect YOUR unique personality, YOUR values, and what sets YOU apart from others in your industry.” 



Your brand should reflect the unique personality and values of your CLIENTS, and effectively communicate that YOUR brand exists to fulfill THEIR needs.

[theme music from Jeopardy playing as you consider your answer}

The choice you make will mean the difference between becoming an average brand or an extraordinary brand! 

Hopefully you chose B as your answer.

what is branding

Because developing the 5 elements of YOUR boutique fitness brand, while holding the unique personality and value of YOUR clients in your mind, will help you craft the content variation that effectively communicates that YOUR brand exists to fulfill THEIR needs!

The 5 Elements 



The visual, verbal, and sensory elements that represent a brand:

  • Brand name
  • Logo
  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Visual style
  • 2


    The language, tone, and style that a brand uses to communicate with its audience:

  • Brand story
  • Tagline
  • Elevator pitch
  • Overall tone of voice
  • 3


    The human-like characteristics associated with a brand to make it more relatable to consumers.


  • Exciting: Bold, adventurous, and daring. 
    • Example: Red Bull.
  • Sincere: Honest, genuine, and down-to-earth. 
    • Example: Dove.
  • Innovative: Creative, cutting-edge, and visionary. 
    • Example: Apple.
  • Authentic: Genuine, transparent, and real. 
    • Example: Patagonia.
  • Friendly: Approachable, welcoming, and warm.
    • Example: AIRBNB.
  • 4


    The need for a brand to be uniform and recognizable across all channels and touchpoints.

    • Visuals: 
      • colors, typography, and design images
    • Tone of Voice:
      • emails, social posts, and ads
    • Customer Experience:
      • service standards, quality, and customer support across in-store, online, and on social media.



    The act of creating emotional connections with customers through interactions and experiences with the brand

  • Social media interactions
  • Customer service interactions
  • Providing valuable content
  • Creating a community around the brand
  • The Bottom Line on the question “What Is Branding?”

    The bottom line is this: effective branding is essential for building a successful boutique fitness brand. This is accomplished by starting with a client-centric point of view to craft the 5 essential elements of branding. 

    45037 graphics for reels 1 e1683821491923 fitbusinesspros.com
    1. 1
      Consistent brand identity (colors, fonts, etc) 
    2. 2
      Brand messaging that highlights potential client transformation
    3. 3
      Transparent and honest brand personality
    4. 4
      Brand consistency across all channels
    5. 5
      Client-centered brand engagement

    You can create a strong and memorable boutique fitness brand that really resonates with your potential clients.

    By helping others achieve their personal goals you will build trust and achieve your personal and professional goals.

    what is branding

    Investing time and effort into understanding and implementing these branding elements will put you well on your way to crafting a boutique fitness brand that will thrive in today’s competitive market. 

    About the author 

    Laurie Johnson

    Laurie is a social media, marketing and innovation strategist with an exceptional track record of getting things done, while making it look easy. At her studio, she manages all marketing, web content, communications, and program development.

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