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How Lisa got 60% of lost clients back into her studio in under an hour.

How Lisa got 60% of lost clients back into her studio in under an hour.

Winning back lost clients is far less difficult (and expensive) than winning over brand new clients. If you’re a studio owner like Lisa and notice clients dropping away from your schedule than don’t go another day without this trick.

Lisa owns a Pilates Studio in Hartford, CT.  It’s her and 2 very part time instructors teaching Private, & Semi-Private sessions and Group Mat Classes.  Lisa teaches about 35 hours a week and also does all the studio management: Marketing, finances, administrative, and cleaning!

Over the past week Lisa has been thinking about a few clients she hasn’t seen in awhile.  When she pulls up her “client at risk” report in Wellness Living she is stunned to see that there are over 30 clients that haven’t been coming in over a month.   Lisa knows that her client average monthly worth is $112 so with a quick calculation in her head she knows she needs to do something.

Where are these clients going?  Seeing the list of names is helpful and it reminds her that

  • Christine’s father died 2 months ago,
  • Eugene and his wife went on the trip to Costa Rica for 2 weeks.
  • Molly got a new job and her schedule changed.  
  • Meg comes and goes frequently depending on her back pain flare ups.  
  • Joan? Where has she been? She loves her Thursday class.  

The problem is: life happens.  

There’s weather, vacation, illness, car trouble and schedule changes.  When a client’s routine is thrown off course it is very easy for them fall out of their regular practice and become one of our “lost clients”.

Lisa wants these clients back and she wants to give them incentive to get back in immediately. 

There are a number of ways to re engage lost clients but this one won back 60% of her lost clients including Christine, Eugene and his wife, Molly, Meg and Joan.  

Lisa sent all of her lost clients a postcard inviting them back for a RE-introductory package.  

Shew always starts clients off with an Introductory Package: 3 Private sessions at a 15% discount. 

This offer is well known for being available to new clients only.

Her postcard invites these lost clients back in for a re-do. She decides to add a free water bottle as a bonus incentive along with the package discount.  She also includes a quick note on each one- 

“Hi Eugene! How was Costa Rica?  I hope your plantar fasciitis didn’t flare up. Call me up- I can get you and Karen in first thing next week -Lisa”.  

As the calls start coming in Lisa is surprised to hear most of the lost clients say:

“I’ve been meaning to call, I’ve been meaning to come in...I’m so glad you reached out”

Lisa is surprised because she knows her CRM has reached out to these people through the auto email notification that sends out whenever a client hasn’t been checked in for 3 weeks.  

“It was so nice to get something in the mail! All I ever get is bills or junk. Your note reminded me of how much I miss my Pilates!”.

Lisa is so impressed with her ROI on this postcard campaign that she incorporates running this “client at risk” report into her monthly to do list.  

In 6 months she’s noticed a significant decrease in lost clients because she wins them back so quickly with her Re-introductory offer.

About the author 

Laurie Johnson

Laurie is a social media, marketing and innovation strategist with an exceptional track record of getting things done, while making it look easy. At her studio, she manages all marketing, web content, communications, and program development.

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