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Are You Talking to The Wrong Client in Your Fitness Videos?

00:00 Intro

So, are you talking to the wrong client in your Fitness videos? I know that we were, and in case you are the same, I'm here to help you fix that. But first, let's review how we actually got there in the first place.

00:15 Covid, Pivoting Online, and the Circle of Vulnerability

When covid-19 hit the boutique Fitness industry, many of us were forced to close our doors. For us, it was four months. So in that situation we did what we had to do to survive and it's called the pivot in the industry. We moved to Zoom meetings and relied on recorded videos to serve our existing clients. The ones that are no longer allowed to come in to their comfort zone, which is in person Fitness. I put this circle up because its a realization that all boutique Fitness businesses have a small circle where you're most prolific clients live. In fact for us about 90 or 95% of our Revenue comes from people that live within that Circle that's only about 20 miles wide.

01:02 Fitness Buyer Bell Curve

So it's probably true that the same is true for you. But I call them in-person Fitness clients because the realization was that they are one extreme on a bell curve of two different extremes. I'm going to show you the fitness buyer bell curve. On the left side, at the extreme, our in-person Fitness buyer never watches video, because that's their comfort zone. They like to go into the studio and get their expertise that way.

01:29 Virtual Fitness Buyer

On the far side of the curve is the other extreme. The virtual Fitness buyer that never goes to the gym always works out at home, prefers to watch videos. That in fact would be me, I'm that type of Fitness buyer.

01:45 Focusing on Existing Clients during Covid

So it's very natural that in the emergency situation, our focus was on our existing clients, and we either ignored, forgot about, or weren't even aware of the fact that the other side of this curve existed. So when we were making these videos, in reality we were making them for the wrong client and we discovered that only about 18, 19, maybe 20% of these in-person Fitness buyers actually used and enjoyed the videos. And there's the realization that we all as consumers exist somewhere on either side of that center. Either all the way out to the extreme or somewhere closer to the middle, but we're on one side or the other.

02:24 Talking to the right side of the curve

So moving forward, we have hindsight. We're now focusing on making our videos with the other side of the curve in mind. So that we're making a product for someone that that product already appeals to, and the sales will be much higher as a result. If you want to sell anything to any group of consumers, you've got to appeal to them. You've got to learn to speak their language as well as you already speak the language of your existing in person Fitness buyer. 

02:54 Understanding in person vs virtual fitness buyers

So that's what we set out to do and the key to that is understanding that these are different people. These are different kinds of buyers, and they have different needs and if we're going to package our expertise in a way that appeals to them, we've really got to understand these differences. But first, what do they have in common?

03:13 Seeking Transformation

All consumers are seeking one thing when they buy a product or service. They're seeking transformation. They want what that product or service will do for them. So a fitness example of this is, Grandpa Joe comes into the Pilates studios feeling his age. You can see he's not a happy camper, his hips hurt, his knees hurt. his back hurts. He's complaining that he can't get up and down off the floor playing with the grandkids or the dog like he used to. But see Grandpa Joe remembers what it felt like to be able to do that, and that is his desired after state. He needs your expertise to be packaged in such a way to match his preferences, so he can get on that transformational journey and get to the after state.

04:00 Transforming Differently

So everybody is seeking transformation. They're just doing it differently and it requires a different approach and a different package. They're different in these ways: why they seek expertise, they're understanding of their own needs, and their preference for accessing expertise. 

04:15 The In Person Fitness Buyer

Let's look at the in person fitness buyer through that lens. What's their why? Well, they are not do it yourselfers. They're often unclear about what they need, and they prefer their expertise delivered in person. So the experience that they seek, that they go to find to get their transformation from before to after, takes the form of an improvised collaboration. It's the dance that you do together to find the shortest path between their before State and their after state.

04:46 Virtual Fitness Buyer

Now by comparison look at the virtual Fitness buyer. Polar opposite, they are do-it-yourselfers, they love to watch the videos. Two; they're clear about their needs even when they're wrong about it. That means they just get more content. Three, they prefer their expertise delivered on demand wherever they are. It's a lifestyle thing. So the experience that they seek out in order to get the transformation that they're looking for takes the form of a scripted facilitation. 

05:16 Side by Side Comparison

Look at those side by side: two extremes, in person buyer - improvised collaboration, not a video. The other extreme, virtual Fitness buyer - scripted facilitation, perfect for video. See how we were making videos for the wrong buyer? We're gonna change that. So now, we're going to make our videos for this buyer and they're going to be scripted facilitations. 

05:40 Making the Perfect Scripted Facilitation

And now that we understand who they are, how they are, what their preferences are. It's gonna be really easy. To create this perfect scripted facilitation for them. Number one: you have to remember there's no relationship. Purely transactional, they search for your content, they like it, they pay for it, they move on. Because there's no relationship, there's no collaboration, which means way less education going on here. In fact, less is more in general when making a scripted facilitation video for this type of buyer. You simply want to tell them what to do and encourage them all along the way. Do that and you're gonna win them over, you're now catering to them and they're gonna buy your content. 

06:25 Video Has Two Parts

And of course, it takes the form of a video, and we all know that video has two parts. It's what you see with your eyes and what you hear with your ears. I want to focus now on what you hear with your ears. Every word that an instructor says when making a video for this buyer should either be a diamond or a lump of coal. Now the diamond is what this virtual buyers are willing to pay for, and the diamond is a specific command. “Bend your elbow,” “Flex your foot,” “Lie on your back,” “Inhale,” “Exhale.” That sort of thing. All the other words are just lumps of coal because they don't deliver any additional facilitation. It makes sense right? 

07:06 An Example of Coal

Think about it like this: you'll hear this phrase often in a live class, and it belongs in a live class because it's an improvised collaboration. It's much more conversational. “So now what you're going to do is you're going to lie down on your back on the floor.” And keep in mind that's just the setup for a single exercise. The instructor will do this many many times during the class, and that's a deal breaker for the virtual buyer. Because remember they’re after the diamonds. There's 21 words in this phrase, look how many are diamonds.

If I can get the slide to go, there we go. Four of those words are diamonds, the rest are coal. And think about that. If you want to cater to them, you want to please them, if they want you to buy their content, then it needs to be the other way around. Right? Only 80- only 19% of these words are for this buyer. The other 81% are going to displease them. Wondering what the diamonds are? Lie on your back. Everything else really when you think about it, all it is, is the thought process of the instructor out loud. So the discipline to this lesson is just leave them out. Don't use any of those extra words, always facilitate, always encourage. 

08:22 The Value of Speaking Diamonds

So, the art of learning to speak Diamond will pay great dividends, because as we've already discussed, they're the way to attract a whole different flock of buyers. you know birds of a feather, they flock together. You've got your flock that comes to the studio. they love being with you, they love being with each other. That's their style.That's their culture. This new flock also flocks together. When they find a piece of content, full of diamonds, that facilitates them into the transformation they seek, they tell others. There's 1, and then 10, and then 100. Imagine when you get a thousand of these new flock of birds, paying let's say $20 a month for access to your extensive library of Fitness expertise, made specifically for them. How much money is that? $240,000 a year, for just a thousand customers from the entire world? 

09:17 Want to Learn to Speak Diamond?

So doesn't that make you want to learn to speak Diamond? I hope so, because we've got the perfect training for you and it is called Concise Queuing for The Virtual Fitness Buyer.

09:26 Details of the Module

There's three modules in module one. We make a business case for learning this method, that specifically ties it to revenue and the act of delighting the buyer of your content. Then we get into the psychology of structure, and it's role in inspiring brand loyalty, which of course leads to more revenue, and that means more retention referrals, and finally advocacy for your brand. In module number two, you'll set your baseline. How you queue before this training, so you know where you came from and where you're going. There's three tasks that help you to do that baseline. And finally in number three, you're going to learn and practice the PODLEA method and move toward, again  that singular goal of predictably delighting your new on-demand Fitness customer.

10:08 Becoming a Fitstreams Contributor

Everybody who takes this course has the option to apply to be a contributor to our on-demand brand, And this is an exciting opportunity because one of the things that you'll learn about FitStreams is we built it because none of us can do this alone and meaningfully get into a much bigger market and that secondary Revenue. So take the course, apply yourself to the learning of this way to delight a new buyer, and open up all sorts of possibilities for your future. And if we like what you're doing, we're going to give you your money back for this training. Thanks for listening and enjoy the course.

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