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Setting up A Fitness Video Production Suite


This course gives you every detail soup to nuts necessary to create a Fitness Video Production suite, for the production of prerecorded fitness classes and courses or live streaming, from 8 different camera angles. You’ll never edit another fitness video again once you take this course.



This course gives you every detail soup to nuts necessary to create a Fitness Video Production suite, for the production of prerecorded fitness classes and courses or live streaming, From 8 different camera angles. The course includes;

  • Gear and accessories purchase list (Amazon)
  • Setting up your production field of action
  • About Cameras
  • About Lighting
  • About Audio
  • Production Basics
  • Downloadable resources:
    • Production manual example and template
    • Master Program File to Get Started Fast
    • Stream Suite Technical and Producer Issues Log
    • Stream Class ManyCam Lower Thirds Planner
    • Stream Suite Baseline Reference Documentation

The power of real-time fitness video production, means that you get the job done in the length of time it takes you to teach one class beginning to an end, with no editing or post production necessary.
The end result of producing content with this technique Is a far superior end product than you could ever create Using an old-school post production technique…… even if you had the time to do so!

Any one who takes this course and chooses to become a content contributor to our online platform, will get a full refund of the cost of this course! Even if you don’t build your own stream suite but instead decide to come use ours.

This course represents an open-source reveal of our entire business model worked out over two years since July of 2020.

 The Stream Suite

A Quick Demonstration

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