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How to Get Your Pilates Business from Vision to Reality

A good vision is important for success in anything. Asking the Universe for what you need plays the role of connecting both your subconscious and conscious mind on the path to getting what you want.

I’ll be honest, the phrase, “Put it out into the universe.” seemed ridiculous to my scientific mind until I owned my own Pilates Studio. I can hear my previous self now. I was working with a very real problem that needed a solution and someone says to me, “Just ask the Universe for what you need.” I don’t know if you can see my previous self’s eyes rolling, but at that time I didn’t buy it one bit! But later I had to admit that asking the universe is a thing and it works.

Visioning leads to planning and goal setting, and all of these things are key to the development of a Pilates Studio.

If you can’t imagine success, then you won’t be able to recognize the opportunities that will lead you to the success you desire. For example:

On a micro level, if you can’t imagine having a full schedule with a waiting list. It is going to be hard to convince that new client that she actually needs to schedule the recurring appointment so that her spot is guaranteed. 

On a macro level if you can’t envision making a living owning your own Pilates Studio then you might not notice the real estate sign in the window of the perfect space. 

Visioning is the big picture in your mind

That big picture helps you structure your decisions and get you on the path that is the shortest distance between your desired destination.

Ask yourself the question, “What do I want?” 

How the rest of this plays out can be of personal design. My business partner sits tall in her office chair and literally asks for what she wants. And you know what? It works! My visioning comes when I hike. I am in the woods, I imagine my life and let my mind be open and the ideas flow.

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Wherever you find your mind in its most creative imaginative space, is where you want to start the visioning process.

Recognizing A Great Idea

When you have an idea, notice the energy around it. Hear yourself say, “Wow that would be really cool.” Then give yourself the freedom to ask, “How am I going to make that happen?”

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It’s also important to be aware of the unhelpful thoughts that get in the way of the best visions. These are the thoughts that get in our own way. I try never to let my mind say, “That’s ridiculous.” 

Write Your Vision Down

Pen and paper works, but you want to write the vision down anywhere that you can access frequently. Bathroom mirrors, whiteboards, poster boards, and journals are all spectacular places for visions to exist. Any place that you will see nearly every day, so that your subconscious and conscious mind are focused and working together.

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Begin visioning the answer to “How am I going to make that happen?” 

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Depending on the vision you may start writing a business plan or you may begin developing strategies, but most importantly you have a vision that is guiding you down a path.  

Once you answer, “How am I going to make this happen?” it’s time to pull out our S.M.A.R.T goal strategies. These will help you decide on and prioritize your actions on your chosen path.

The question, “What can I do in the moment to get the life I want?” Can be much easier to answer when you have a clear vision of the life you want!

About the author 

Katrina Hawley

When not teaching clients, other teachers or dance students you will find Katrina playing with her cats Uncle Louis and Sadie Grace, hiking, cooking or listening to political podcasts while playing games on her phone.

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