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Future Proof Your Fitness Business Selling Videos To Clients Beyond Your Neighborhood

About Future Proof Your Fitness Business Selling Videos To Clients Beyond Your Neighborhood

Learn about the steps necessary to reduce the threat we all experienced due to covid in 2020. 

This mini course is a high-level flyover in that 19 min. and 8 seconds shows shows 8 important things;

  1. Exactly what our shared vulnerability is and how it has been hiding in plain sight.
  2. How Covid Revealed it to us.
  3. Where the REAL opportunity for reliable secondary revenue is.
  4. What that target market is worth in the next five years.
  5. What 3 categories of things are being sold in that marketplace.
  6. Who the buyer is, and how they are different from the buyer we are used to.
  7. Understanding the simple steps we can take to delight that buyer so they will pay us even while we sleep.
  8. How to inspire ourselves into action by calculating how many of those buyers we need to match or exceed our existing in person revenue.

There is a downloadable tool that can help you do that calculation. Don’t miss this! We need you to join this movement, meant to disrupt the disruption of the boutique fitness industry. 

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About Mark Firehammer

Co-Creator, fitness biz consultant at Fitness Business Pros, a veteran digital marketer and marketing educator. Plus a lover of cats, and he can sing! Just ask Alexa to play songs by him.

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