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Concise Cueing For The Virtual Fitness Buyer

About Concise Cueing For The Virtual Fitness Buyer

The gold standard for what cueing should sound like in on-demand fitness videos was established more than 50 years ago. In the 70's when there was a VCR in every living room. People were working out to Jane Fonda, Raquel Welch , Suzanne Somers or more recently P90 X. Since then the ranks of the "work out at home" fitness buyer has grown along with the amount of choices available to them. 

This training will guide you step-by-step toward being adept at changing your discipline around cueing when you're in front of the camera. 

Watch the video below for an interesting discussion on this type of cueing by 3 of our best instructors over on FitStreams.club

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Co-Creator Fitstreams.club, fitness biz consultant at Fitness Business Pros, a veteran digital marketer and marketing educator. Plus a lover of cats, and he can sing! Just ask Alexa to play songs by him.

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