In the online marketing space, everybody loves the quick win. 

About Us

We Are Fitness Business Pros and our sole mission and goal is to provide consulting, tools, trainings and marketing services & resources for other Fitness business professionals.

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Market Tested Tools, Trainings and Resources

The consulting, tools, trainings and marketing resources that we offer are the same ones that we have developed over the last 10 years, to effectively 3X our own Pilates studio in the tiny town of Hadley, Massachusetts, a town of under 6000 residents in a County with only 161,000 residents. 

What does that mean to you? Simple, that you can apply these same resources to effectively double, triple or more your own fitness business, no matter what size market you're in. 

Unique team built for Success

We are a unique team that brings a very unique combination of skills and experiences to the table. It's a potent recipe that makes us greater than the sum of our parts!

  • 1 polestar Pilates senior educator & Pilates studio owner
  • 1 social media marketing strategist & Pilates studio owner
  • 1 MINDBODY Certified Consultant, veteran digital marketing educator and services provider 

You can trust us to provide access to the resources that you need to grow your fitness business because our team brings more than 50 years of combined experience to to the job of helping you grow your fitness business.

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Katrina Hawley

Polestar Pilates Senior Educator, Veteran Studio Owner

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Laurie Johnson

marketing strategist, Veteran Studio Owner

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Mark Firehammer

MINDBODY Certified consultant

what folks are saying

You’ll be in good hands with Pilates Business Pros

Mark, Katrina and Laurie were recommended to me as the folks that could help get my website up and running and assist with marketing. If there were ever a dream team of 3 perfect people to form a group to help other Pilates studios be successful, these are the 3. Katrina, a senior educator with Polestar Pilates, is also a studio owner with a dance background. Laurie, Katrina’s business partner has mastered studio management, organization, and the marketing of Pilates with amazingly creative campaigns to bring more clients and keep them coming back. While Mark, brings to the table a mastery of marketing and Internet technology across the board along with the real knack for teaching. He has an uncanny ability to break down the complexities of marketing into simple to understand terms and concepts that truly show the value of marketing for your business. You’ll be in good hands with Pilates Business Pros.

Cindy Kneiser Pilates Studio Owner

They empowered me to open, manage and grow my pilates business

The dynamic team of Mark Firehammer, Katrina Hawley and Laurie Johnson were essential in the development of my Pilates business, from my teacher training, all the way through to my marketing and website. I knew absolutely nothing about how to start the process. The team was timely, responsive and informative. They empowered me to open, manage and grow my pilates business.

Arice Staeb Pilates Studio Owner

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