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how to increase conversion rate

When Increasing Conversion Rates Doesn’t Go As Planned 

I will never forget when my studio put out a couple of different intro offers. It was January, and the sales were going crazy!

I had calculated the average client value for the next year and had dollar signs in my eyes. I couldn’t wait to see the February numbers.

how to increase conversion rate

But when February rolled around, the number of intro packages that had actually converted was very low. 

I was shocked and was committed to figuring out what went wrong.

Why Increased Conversion Rates Hadn’t Occurred

After dealing with my disappointment that nothing happens magically, I analyzed the problem. I wanted to make sure that:

  • I offered the best intro packages
  • That my team was doing their best to help convert our newest clients to regulars

When I looked at my intro offers, a distant memory popped into my head. Years ago, a consultant said, 

“if you want to understand how to increase conversion rates remember, your intro offers should create an experience that makes the next purchase inevitable.” 

Were my intro offers doing this?

Answering that question would turn out to be the key to learning how to increase conversion rates for our studio.

I had 6 different offers running to ensure people could find the best option.

That was my first mistake: Too many options.

I offered:

  1. 1
    A single discounted private session
  2. 2
    4 Reformer classes at a discounted price
  3. 3
    3 private sessions for clients coming back from injury
  4. 4
    A semi-private package discounted (for couples and friends)
  5. 5
    2 private sessions and a Reformer class
  6. 6
    A “one of each” package, 1 mat class, 1 Reformer class, 1 private, and 1 semi-private session
how to increase conversion rate

In this analysis, I needed to weed out the number of purchase options. To do that, I needed to look at 2 data points:

  1. 1
    Which intro offers were purchased the most?
  2. 2
    Which intro offers, once purchased, had the most conversions?

Once I had looked at these data points, I found some common threads for successful intro offers.

The intro offers with the most conversions:

  • Were offered at a discount, but not so discounted that the next purchase felt out of reach.
  • Had multiple sessions to give the client a compelling experience - one session just wasn’t enough.
  • Provided consistency in the experience. (The packages with varied sessions led to a confused purchaser.)
  • Provided a chance for client/instructor to get to know each other.

This made my next decision easy; I only needed 2 intro offers

  • 3 private sessions at a discounted rate
  • 4 Reformer classes at a discounted rate
how to increase conversion rate

But wait! We still hadn't completely learned how to increase conversion rates of our intro offers!

how to increase conversion rate

At my next staff meeting another very important tactic that we were missing became clear.

After talking with my teachers, I realized we hadn’t followed the best practices to get the clients to return. 

 We had neglected to make sure everyone who’d purchased an intro offer:

  • Had a specific intake procedure that outlined the client’s needs 
  • Had an opportunity to experience a win in their own body
  • Could experience the studio culture to its fullest extent

It wasn’t enough to meet them for the first time, teach them a class or session, say “see you soon” and trust that they would come back.

It became clear that I hadn’t given my teachers the sales training they needed. (BTW: IT DOES NOT HAVE TO SOUND SALES-Y!)

how to increase conversion rate

There were some simple things my teachers could have done to ensure the new clients kept coming back.  What were they?

How To Increase Your Conversion Rate With These 2 Tips:

  • One-liners at the end of a class or session that lead to the next registration

Just a quick, one-line follow-up at the end of a class or session puts you in the right direction to having the client come back.

For instance,

  • Have you scheduled your next class/session?
  • I think the bone-building class would be perfect for you.
  • What about a weekly schedule?
  • I really think you could benefit from class twice a week.
  • “Let me introduce you to our studio manager, and she can get you set up!”

Any of these (adjust them to fit your clients/studio) can easily guide into a conversation as people prepare to go. It’s even better if you follow up with, 

It is also important when making suggestions that they fit the client that you have just gotten to know.

Not everyone needs to come twice a week; some people do. 

What's that you're thinking? You don't want to sound salesy!

The key  to making sure that your end-of-session one-liners are not sales-y is to personalize your suggestions to make them accurate and appropriate for the specific client. 

We train our teachers to remember to see a path forward for the new client and help them understand what it is. In this way our teachers have learned that these questions are part of their expertise and a benefit of our services. 

  • Ensure someone is Responsible for lead management

An office lead-management system that is communicated to all the staff makes sure that the team is working together to increase conversions.

Example: Say you get a notification that someone new has registered with your studio. Don’t just let the notification go by.

  • Have a template entitled “A Quick Welcome” and email the person directly.
  • It doesn’t have to be long or complicated.
  • Just a short welcome letting them know who you are (owner, manager, instructor, etc.) and that you’re happy to answer any questions they might have, help with scheduling, etc
  • Or better yet, pick up the phone, give them a call and do the same thing. 
how to increase conversion rate

 That quick reach out will make them feel welcome, showing they’re not just a random new person. Short, sweet, and to the point.

What if a client completes the intro package and doesn’t convert? 

  • Check with the teacher for any extenuating circumstances.
  • if not, make a call to the client see if you can help them take the next steps.

Summary of How to Increase Conversion Rates.

Helping my teachers understand exactly how important these one-liners at the end of class were and keeping on top of lead management have been the keys to conversion for our studio. 

Try it, you won't be disappointed. 

Please drop a comment below and share any tips you might have on how to increase conversion rates.

About the author 

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