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You know how unsatisfied and stressful it is when you are trying to do 10 different jobs, some of which you're not even sure about how to do?  

We get it.  We were there.

After working with Fitness Business Pros you’ll be back doing what you love: teaching, managing, growing your business! 

You can trust us to provide access to the things you need to grow your fitness business. We're sure because we apply what we know to our own successful Pilates Studio first, every day since 2011. Our team is made up of, a 2 Pilates studio owners and managers, a Polestar Pilates Senior instructor, and a digital marketing expert. 


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Our very own Mark Firehammer, is certified. The expertise helps us every day to scale our own fitness business. 

Whether you need help with KPI's, pricing, marketing automation, hybrid business models combining a live stream and in person, we can help. 

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